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The firm SEA has been established in 1991 in Zlín. In 1994 expanded to Kolín and to Prievidze. The firm SEA Zlín s. r. o. and SEA Kolín s. r. o. transformed to incorporated in 1999 and from the beginning 2000 has been working only one subject: SEA, a. s. in the Czech republic.

The firm SEA CZ, a. s. has own projection, construction, engineering, boiler production, pressure machinery production, electro-production, mechanical and electro-installation, burner services and I&C. Next we delivery control systems including software, which forms our programmers. In addition own boilers we are concerned with economizer production, pressure tanks production, machinery for treatment of water production, ND for boilers production and fitter´s products production (fittings up take, etc.). We have the licence for all activities associated with general deliveries of boilers (production, installation pressure machinery, installation gas distribution and pipelines, electro-production and installation, autorization for projection in capital construction, service, etc.

We perform all working by own workers in holding office general supplier of construction – a share of subsupplier firms is minimum.



  • Deliveries and service of boilers including deliveries of construction
  • Production, deliveries and installation of boilers, pressure and not pressure tanks, installation, repairs and service of burners
  • Production, deliveries and installation of boilers for combustion wood chips, or if you like wood waste
  • General repairs of steam and hot-water boilers (also foreign production), ecologization of coal boilers, leasing boilers and mobile heating plant.
  • Production of replacement parts for most of types boilers, which at the present time are running in the Czech republic
  • Implementation setting of the boilers for most of the types
  • Setting and service of burners including setting the boilers in operation


  • Decentralization of heating systems
  • Junction exchange stations
  • Production and installation electrical apparatus, I&C, computer control systems
  • Automatic water preparing plants for technological purposes and all another activities, concerning industrial boiler room
  • SEA CZ, a. s. is representative of the firm Spirax Sarco for the Czech republic, the projects, installations and service of machinery BosB Spirax Sarco
  • Project documentation processing for the boiler rooms retrofitting, new construction by form studies, projects including building licence, operational projects

SEA CZ, a.s.
Zabrání 1116,
763 01 Zlín - Malenovice
tel: 577 101 085

Tyršova 469,
280 00 Kolín 2
tel: 321 729 249

SEA Kolín s.r.o.

Tyršova 469
280 00 - Kolín 2
tel: 321 729 249

SEA Zlín s.r.o.

Zabrání 1116,
763 02  Zlín - Malenovice
tel: 577 101 085