The firm SEACZ, a. s. is accredited with doing installations, periodical inspections and service activities for the machinery BosB GESTRA by the steam and the hot-water boilers.

The firm GESTRA Bremen is in the long term known own products for energetics, especially the steam separators, the regulation armatures etc. The particular components of the firm GASTRA are satisfactory to German norm TRD 604 and EN 12952/12953 for a occasional check working of steam and hot-water boilers in an interval 1x per 24 hours or 72 hours and are satisfactory to direction EU in compliance with regulations CZ, s. 22/97. They are solved on principle conduction sensing of water-level in boiler by electrodes in a connection with evaluation electronics. It is about so called „machinery unusual constructruction with selftest.“ The conduction electrode is a system of cells which are periodically tested by evaluation electronics. Electronics in the burner evaluates failure states and in case any failure provide you with shut-down of burner.
The machinery BosB of the firm GESTRA is not delivered as a complete system, but it is possible to use the particular components in connection with existing safety system of boilers. Basis of the formation are electrodes NRG for the sensing decrement water-level under the min. water-level in connection with the evaluation electronics NRS. It is possible to supply with the jump feed control or the continuous feed control of boilers feeding by machinery the firm GESTRA at installation new boilers or repair existing boilers.
For achieving power saving it is possible the boilers equip with automatic continual blow down and automatic periodical blow down. In contrast to clasic continual blow down and periodical blow down happen to power saving in the reduced quantity of sewage water and next is enhanced lifetime of the whole boiler complex. Own sefety of occasional check boilers working is provided in preference with installation bleeding tubes to the boiler complexes. It is also possible to use machinery for outdoor using at fulfilment special conditions. At installation of machinery BosB GESTRA to hot-water systems is necessary not only protection own source, but also whole hot-water system. For own source is in addition to water-level electrode NRG necessary installation of thermal and compressive sensor. For protection hot-water systems is also using the water-level electrodes including compressive sensors.
It has to be always used so-called „machinery unusual constructruction with selftest.“ The machinery is also possible to supply with remote transmission of fault states.

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