Basic description of components of the unmanned operation system

First characterization

Connection sites

  • boiler pressure section - boiler drum
  • water supply - connected to the boiler pipeline
  • discharging - boiler discharge pipeline
  • surface blow down - boiler surface blow down pipeline
  • electricity supply - the present electrical wiring in the boiler room
  • air pressure (0,6 MPa) - only if automatic discharge is installed

The Spirax Sarco device is approved by ITI Prague and its extent fully corresponds to the present requirements for boiler safety. Spirax Sarco corresponds to the German TRD 604 norm meaning that even after transfer to the EU norms this device will fully correspond to the requirements of all norms and regulations.

Placing the technology and descriptions of the individual elements

The basic variant includes two water level min. water level switches for the boiler water. Sensors are placed each independently in the surface calmers. For this purpose welded on pieces must be installed in the DN 100boiler drum.

It is further necessary to have the boiler equipped with a steam max. pressure limiter of the approved type, which will shut the boiler down when the max. steam pressure is exceeded. The boilers must be equipped with emergency ZPA 61214 or Sauter type manostats . These types of manostat are approved by ITI Prague for installation with the Spirax Sarco device.

Apart from this, it is also necessary to have a working pressure regulator of an approved construction installed on the boiler, which will shut the burner down when the max. working pressure is reached and when the pressure falls beneath the preset working pressure limit it will automatically carry out the whole start up procedure. For this purpose a ZPA Ekoreg 61214 or Sauter regulator can be supplied with the boiler or if necessary the boiler's automatic control system can be modified.

The BOSB evaluation electronics include the so called "dead man button" (DMB) - a time switch, which automatically shuts the boiler down after a set time limit elapses, if during this period a visit and inspection by the boiler room attendance personnel is not confirmed by pressing the button.

A jump or continual electricity supply can be installed on the boiler. The following equipment will be supplied for controlling the pump:

For an 8 hour cycle - HZ 1 K electrode nivocontrol installed in the element of the floater nivocontrol, this automatic device ensures the switching on and switching off of the pump and an automatic lock out when the max. level in the boiler is exceeded.

Jump regulation for a 24 hour cycle - a capacity probe for scanning the state of the water level + Spirax Sarco automatic control system. The automatic device and the probe ensure an automatic lock out when the max. water level in the boiler is reached and also the control of the pump.

Continuous regulation for a 24 hour cycle - a capacity probe for scanning the state of the water level + Spirax Sarco automatic control system and regulation valve. Apart from controlling the pump the automatic device and probe also ensure an automatic lock out when the max. water level in the boiler is reached.

There must be a sufficient air exchange according to ČSN 07 0703 ensured in the boiler room.

For detecting a gas leakage the boiler room must be equipped with a two-phase gas leakage analyser. The analysers must be connected according to the present requirements of ČSN 07 0703, meaning the first phase signalises a fault, the second phase closes off the gas supply and locks the burner operation.

Furthermore the boiler room must be equipped with an emergency closing mechanism with electrical motor (HÚP-main gas closing mechanism)

It is possible to supplement these assemblies, which are a condition for automatic operation, with above standard assemblies, which are not conditional for automatic operation. This concerns automatic surface blow-off and discharge.

Automatic surface blow-off includes a probe that continuously measures the conductivity of the boiler water and on the basis of this data the evaluation electronics control the automatic surface blow-off valve. Surface blow-off is carried out optimally during the whole time of operation of the boiler, this decreases excessive losses through surface blow-off, at the same time the required value of the boiler water cannot be exceeded and the excessive salting up of the boiler is prevented.

The basic BCS 1 variant includes an electrical magnetic valve, measuring probe and evaluation electronics. Surface blow-off proceeds in such manner that the conductivity of the boiler water oscillates between two set values. This type of surface blow-off is the standard used for BK eries boilers. The max amount of surface blow-off is 512 kg/h. For the given type of boiler this would correspond to approx. 7,5 % losses by surface blow-off - surface blow-off of up to 3% is considered the max. acceptable value.

The more luxury BCS 3 version includes a regulating flange mounted valve with an electrical motor, a measuring probe and evaluation electronics. Surface blow-off is carried out continuously - conductivity is maintained at a constant level.

Automatic discharge includes a valve with a pneumatic motor and controlling electronics system. The controlling electronics system carries out the automatic opening of the valve in a preset cycle - the period the valve is open is also set. The cycle during which the discharge is carried out and the period it is carried out for can be set on the automatic control device. It is suitable to install discharge valves on all discharge sites of boilers that have multiple discharge sites- in the case of the BK boiler - to independently discharge the drum and the turnover chamber.

All automatic control devices are placed in an independent switchboard, which is a part of the basic assembly and is included in the price of the basic assembly.

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