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About our company:

SEA CZ a.s. is a company with solely Czech capital. After the decision to extend services offered the company has established a unit Water, Heating, Gas and employed experts experienced in the given field, assured their necessary equipment and tools.

Scope of activities:

  • Starting from family houses up to industrial parks.
  • Turn-key deliveries - from projects up to implementation including follow-up servicing

Deliveries and assemblies:

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Heating


  • metal or copper distributions - soldering or pressing, plastics - thermofusion welding / PPr /, glueing / PVC - U /
  • assembly of furnishings - water taps, baths, showers - tiling, paving
  • turn-key deliveries of bathrooms


  • water heating - metal or copper distribution, we prefer Czech heating bodies Radik from Česká Třebová
  • floor and wall heating
  • heating of industrial facilities - water heating aggregates, gas radiators, radiant heaters
  • heat sources
  • solid-fuel-burning boilers - ecological boilers Atmos linked to accumulation tanks / our production is tailored to spatial requirements of our customers
  • gas boilers including condensate ones, we refer Czech producers
  • thermal pumps
  • solar systems for the heating of warm water for industrial purposes

We purchase material from specialized wholesales or producers, at a comparable quality we prefer Czech products.


  • Based on the documentation we prepare an itemized budget of deliveries and jobs - project.
  • Prices of individual products are based on catalogue prices recommended by producers.
  • For the recommended price the product is not only delivered but also assembled and charged with 5% VAT
  • After the discussion with the customer the budget is a basis for the fixed price for the entire project.
  • Then the price of the project can be only increased after the prior mutual approval of additional work.


  • Advance payments are not required, customers pay for projects via invoices for partial deliveries based on the deliveries and work carried out.
  • After the handover of the work the final invoice is made out.
  • We can provide our regular customers with a possibility of instalments with zero increase, or a deferment of payment.

SEA Kolín s.r.o.

Tyršova 469
280 00 - Kolín 2
tel: +420 321 729 249

SEA Zlín s.r.o.

Zabrání 1116,
763 02  Zlín - Malenovice
tel: +420 577 101 085